Coffee Shop Owner Throws Cop Out Of Joint Because He's A Cop

Many small businesses like to have police officers as clientele because their presence is a deterrent to would-be criminals, but a Portland, Ore. coffee shop owner threw a cop out of his shop because he feared the officer would start a game of Taser tag.

Fox 12 Oregon reports the shop owner said “If there’s a police officer there, I wouldn’t feel safe in that situation. I would feel worried that the officer might Tase the person or potentially shoot them for having a mental health issue.”

The owner is also an avowed anarchist — a philosophy that doesn’t fit in very well with the concept of police officers.

At least policemen, or anyone with a gun, know there’s less chance of them getting tossed from a Starbucks. Or Deadwood-like Arizona.

Shop Owner Explains Why He Booted Officer [Fox 12 Oregon]
(Thanks, Garrett!)

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