Why The iPhone 4 Is Sticking With AT&T… For Now

While Monday was a joyous one for iPhone geeks eager to re-up their AT&T contracts to nab an iPhone 4, it was a sad day in Mudville for Verizon folk who feel they were left at the altar with no announcement that they too could partake in its wonders. But the wait for the device, or one like it, on Verizon may not be all that far off.

A story on The Street listed 5 reasons Apple and Verizon aren’t quite ready to jump together publicly into a bed of money. Included are Verizon’s surliness and AT&T’s willingness to bend to Apple’s data pricing whims.

The story points to a possible November release of an Apple phone on Verizon.

So take heart, Verizoneers — yes, I am talking to myself. There’s hope for you yet, because these CDMA phones reported to be in production aren’t compatible with AT&T’s network.

5 reasons for no Verizon iPhone today [The Street]