CK Obsession May Not Attract Women, But Guatemalan Jaguars Love It

We’re not sure if wearing Calvin Klein’s “Obsession for Men” will get you any ladies, but if you’re looking to attract Guatemalan Jaguars — this is the scent for you.

From the NYT:

Starting in 2003, biologists for the Wildlife Conservation Society, which among many activities runs the Bronx Zoo, began testing various perfumes and colognes on captive cats as possible attractants for camera trapping work. Patrick Thomas, the curator who initiated that effort, told me that the products containing musk were particularly good at eliciting the “cheek-rubbing behavior” that is helpful in studies seeking hair samples from passing cats as a way to check their DNA. (He emphasized that the fashion house has no involvement in the work.)

Here is some video of jaguars digging the scent.

It should be noted, however, that this only worked on these jaguars. Attempts to attract South African kitties with the same scent didn’t work as well.

Jaguars ‘Obsessed’ by Calvin Klein Cologne [NYT]

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