Is The McRib About To Return As "McRibbles"?

UPDATE: We checked with McDonald’s and… things aren’t what they appear to be.


Since my childhood, McDonald’s has occasionally rolled out their version of something resembling something that kinda looks like rib meat called the McRib. It was generally served on a roll of some sort and the only person I know who really liked it was my dad. But now, a newly leaked ad portends to announce the coming of a bite-sized version of the McRib, with the horrid name of McRibbles.

Judging by the ad, McRibbles would just be smaller, bite-sized versions of the McRib “meat.”

Note: This could all be a hoax. A sauce-covered, high-calorie hoax. We’re attempting to find out for ourselves.

This news comes hot on the heels of Burger King’s decision to sell actual ribs at their restaurants. Perhaps McDonald’s is betting that people want pressed and processed meat, if only to not have to deal with bones?

In other news, it’s been confirmed that McDonald’s will be adding an Angus Snack Wrap — basically their Angus burger in wrap form — starting June 14 in the NYC area and nationwide on Aug. 10.

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