Which TV Ad Spokesperson Needs To Be Retired Next?

With the recent announcement that Apple has taken mercy on all TV watchers and finally put a bullet in the head of the “I’m a Mac” ad campaign, along with with McDonald’s’ decision to keep longtime front man Ronald McDonald, in spite of a push to have him put out to pasture, we want to know from you which TV ad character/spokesthing you think should be next in line for retirement.

To help you along, we’ve whittled it down to a handful of candidates.

FIrst, there’s the overly enthusiastic, overly made-up Flo, from the Progressive Insurance ads:

Next, there’s the always-creepy Six Flags old guy, who has only been made creepier this summer by the addition of a pint-sized sidekick, Little Six:

In spite of a failed sitcom attempt, the Geico Cavemen continue to haunt the airwaves in commercials that have increasingly little to do with car insurance:

Then there’s Dan Hesse from Sprint, who obviously thinks he’s making a difference with his plain-spoken black and white ads:

And of course there’s the Burger King, whose ghoulish, unspeaking face is the stuff of nightmares:

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