Apple Finally Drops "I'm A Mac" Ads

Apple has finally caught on to something many of us have known for years: John Hodgman’s befuddled “PC” is far more appealing than Justin Long’s smug “Mac,” so the “I’m a Mac” ads aren’t really very effective at converting PC-users to Mac fans. Well. maybe that’s not the official reason, but the company is still killing the long-running campaign

The ads have already been removed from Apple’s site, and have been replaced by the company’s “Why you’ll love a Mac” promos. The “I’m a Mac” campaign launched in 2006, and has been one of the company’s most successful marketing efforts (at least when it comes to raising its brand recognition). Last month, Justin Long signaled the end when he told an interviewer: “You know, I think they might be done. In fact, I heard from John, I think they’re going to move on.”

Fortunately, nothing really disappears on the internets, so go ahead and get your Hodg on with this collection of the ads:

Apple Officially Ends ‘Get a Mac’ Campaign, Revamps ‘Why You’ll Love a Mac’ Feature [Mac Rumors]

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