Lindsay Lohan's $100 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against E*Trade Turning Ugly

E*Trade has filed papers in an attempt to move the $100 million Lindsay Lohan defamation lawsuit to Manhattan — and those papers apparently contain a treasure trove of rude comments people have made about Ms. Lohan on the internet.

The lawsuit concerns an “E*Trade baby” commercial in which a baby named Lindsay is referred to as a “milkaholic.” Ms. Lohan feels that the baby is a reference to her.

From the NY Post:

Lohan is “a pot-stirring, lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful little drama queen,” the papers — filed in Nassau County Supreme Court — quote one on-line commenter as saying.

“Why does anyone want to know what this train wreck is doing?” another adds. “She is the classic child star. A little success (parents pushed her into the business) at a young age and then she thinks she’s the poo.”

“How can she pay her rent and pay for her coke?” yet another writes. “That sugarcane she’s sniffin’ doesn’t come cheap . . . “

The huge file of clippings is being used to advance the argument that Lohan is a Californian.

The lawsuit was filed on Long Island where Lohan apparently claims to live with her mother, Dina. E*Trade wants to prove she actually lives in California so they can move the lawsuit to Manhattan where they have their corporate headquarters.

Reached for comment, Dina said that E*Trade is just picking on her daughter and helping her case:

“This is the whole reason we are suing them — for demeaning Lindsay,” Dina Lohan said. “They are just proving how they operate — they play dirty.”

Tot shots at Lindsay Lohan [NYP via Gothamist]

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