Once Facebook Thinks You're Dead, You're Dead Forever

We saw this coming as soon as Facebook introduced the memorial status for the Facebook accounts of dead people. It was bound to happen at some point. Facebook has begun declaring people dead. Well, specifically, people are having their friends and loved ones declared dead as a prank, but it’s nearly impossible to rise from the Facebook dead. That’s what happened to Ryan, who has been dead for over a month now.

Facebook has declared me dead, which is an issue all of itself (who the f— checks that? And does a shitty job as well). I have been attempting to get help from them for over a month to no avail. They will not respond to bug requests, emails, or anything. I have left a question on their Help Center which they clearly don’t check, only to be ignored (and to find out there are more people like me who have this issue). This might not be your standard fare but any suggestions? This is by far and away the WORST customer service ever, even if it is a free product. This seemingly could happen to anyone. Thanks!

The form to request a Facebook account be put in memorial status does include ask for proof (namely, an obituary) but it’s not clear that this is a requirement. Anyone out there from Facebook reading this and want to help revive Ryan?

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