UPS Calls You For Directions To Your House, UPS Store

Sounds like it’s not just Megabus drivers who need to invest in a GPS. Alphonzo tells Consumerist that his local UPS drivers are evidently unable to locate his house. It sounds like some of his local drivers have no sense of direction whatsoever.

I live in [redacted] SC and my UPS deliveries are like a box of chocolates, I never what I’m going to get! Several times UPS has called me asking for directions to my house or to drop by the UPS to get my package. The first time this was not a problem, but the 10th it had become excessive. One day ill get all of my packages, the next day UPS will call for directions.

Finally I decided to get a mailbox at the UPS store. Unfortunately UPS does not have directions to the UPS store, because they called me twice in one day for directions. At this point I’m fed up. Is there a way to get a PC or MAC with internet access into the hands of a UPS dispatcher so that I can get my packages in a timely manner? I know what Brown can do for me…buy GPS units for all of its drivers.

Maybe that’s the issue. Perhaps some drivers have GPS units or can read a map, and others can’t, and that’s the factor that determines whether or not you get your packages.

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