Kmart Wants Your Dirty Laundry

If you live in Iowa City, Iowa, you’ll soon be able to do your laundry at Kmart. I don’t get it either, but that’s what the retailer has announced. It will be testing a laundromat addition to one of its Kmart stores in the city, and has named it Kwash. I’m assuming you’re supposed to pronounce it K-Wash, but for the first five minutes I kept reading “quash” and wondering how in the hell that was supposed to make me think of clean clothes and cheap goods.

Unlike your standard no-frills laundromat, Kwash will have free WiFi, a drop-off service, the ability to shop the adjoining Kmart store online, and of course direct access to Kmart so you can shop while your clothes are washing. It sounds like a “super” laundromat–a sKwash if you will.

Kwash should open in the next week or so, with a grand opening in early June.

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