Do Not Even Try To Escape Starbucks

The Seattle’s Best onslaught was just the beginning. Starbucks is ramping up efforts to make sure that, wherever you go, there it is (not that the brand was particularly difficult to come by before, but whatever). This includes making its Via instant coffee more widely available, and selling flavored coffee in supermarkets, all to bump up its share of the brewed coffee market from its current level of just 5%.

AdAge explains how Starbucks woke up and smelled the coffee:

Starbucks estimates that it holds less than 5% of the brewed-coffee market in the U.S. So the company is looking for ways to get in on more of that business, whether it reaches people through fast-food chains, in their homes or at their desks. Even Starbucks’ most loyal customers consume only three of every 10 cups they drink in Starbucks stores, and since there are about 40 billion servings of coffee sold in the U.S. every year, that leaves Starbucks plenty of cups to conquer. And the real action is in grocery: According to NPD Group, four in five cups of coffee are consumed at home.

Starbucks’ flavored coffees will include vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. Sorry; looks like no bacon just yet.

Why You Are Not Drinking Nearly Enough Starbucks [Advertising Age ]

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