Woman Sues Cellphone Company For $600,000 For "Exposing" Her Adultery

A woman has sued her wireless provider for $600,000 for outing her as a cheater to her husband. After the they added internet and TV services to the woman’s previously single-user cellphone bill, the wireless company began sending the husband a unified bill, which included several hours long conversations to an unknown number. The husband walked out, and the lawsuits began.

The woman’s attorney claims that the wireless company is responsible for the breakup. The wireless company says that they’re not, as the husband would have eventually found out anyway.

The best way to not have your affair uncovered is to never have one in the first place, but it does raise an interesting question about the privacy concerns that arise from merging different customer’s bills together without their express consent. Users in the DSLreports forums are already getting into it.

Toronto woman sues Rogers after her affair is exposed [The Star via DSL Reports] (Thanks to Jim!)

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