Verizon Rep Tells Me To Quit After Company Bungles Order

Brad wanted three Droid Incredibles as soon as possible, so he headed into a Verizon store and signed up for service. He says the place took his $600 but was out of stock, but Verizon insisted it could overnight the phones to him. Several overnights came and went Droid Incredible-free, and Brad called in to find out the phones were delayed because they were on backorder.

It’s gotten to the point that even the CSR Brad spoke to told him he’d be better off with a different carrier.

He writes:

I’ll be brief because I’ve already been on the phone with Verizon for the last 3 hours, and this is the first time I’ve reported here and can provide more information if I receive a follow-up.

I went into a VW corporate store ([redacted] in Indiana) after canceling service with AT&T Wireless on May 9th and tried purchasing 3 HTC Droid Incredibles. Rep said that they didn’t have them in stock so he could overnight them to us. Paid $600 and was provided with the new numbers/receipt and left. Called in on May 12th to check the order status and was told the phones were on backorder. Called store directly on May 16 to cancel order because I could not wait any longer without a cell phone. Was told that they are not able to cancel the order, and that I’d have to wait until I received the phones to refuse shipment. They could not even give me a straight answer if I would receive a restocking fee if I did this. Asked for the number of the area supervisor and was told that I’d be told the same thing, and was refused the information.

Called into Verizon Customer Service about the issue. The first Rep told me that I needed to call the store back, but finally got through to someone named Travis. He spoke with his supervisor and said that he’d need to file an ITS ticket. Asked for Store Location Number and Order Number but I didn’t have my receipt present, so was told to call back and ask the next Rep to file an ITS ticket.

Called back in and spoke with a Rep named [redacted] and explained the situation. He spoke with his supervisor as he was not familiar with the process of submitting an ITS ticket. Was placed on hold and then he came back and said that when he submitted it gave him an internal announcement message that customers calling in to cancel orders for the Droid need to wait until they receive their shipments due to increased costs and that the claim would be denied. Asked if I should sign up for another carrier instead, and file a claim with my credit card company. He said honestly he thinks I should because I’ve
already exhausted all my options.

At least he’s getting some honest advice.

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