Heinz To Change Recipe, Decrease Salt In Beloved Ketchup

The NY Post says that Heinz has found a way to decrease the amount of salt in their beloved ketchup — without changing the taste. Or so they say.

From the NYP:

The new Heinz ketchup recipe will contain about 15 percent less sodium, dropping the amount per tablespoon from 190 to 160 milligrams. Heinz will also make changes to the secret spices.

“As we reduced the sodium, we rebalanced the special secret spices,” Jackson said.

She said Heinz was not afraid that the new ketchup would go the way of New Coke, which was rejected by consumers when it was unveiled in 1985.

“We conducted extensive testing with a broad cross-section of consumers across the country to ensure there wasn’t a distinguishable difference between the current and new recipes,” she said.

Hmmm. People take their Heinz pretty seriously. We hope they’re right.

Big Shakeup For Ketchup [NYP]

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