Walmart Giving Used Games Another Go

After trying and failing at the GameStop-dominated used games biz, Walmart is taking a mulligan and making another run and used game trade-ins and sales, partnering with Game Trade in the effort to gives you pennies on the dollar for that not-so-old copy of Mass Effect 2.

Industry Gamers reports:

In a statement to IndustryGamers, the retailer said, “Walmart is always looking for new ways to help give customers more convenience and savings, and we continually test concepts with new products and businesses in stores and online. We are currently working with Game Trade, a start-up services provider, in a lease agreement to test their Game Trade stores in five Walmart locations.”

It’s not just about used games, however. The Walmart spokesperson continued, “These locations will offer previously-owned games, movies and entertainment hardware at competitive values. Game Trade stores will accept trade-ins of media and other entertainment items for Game Trade store credit or cash.”

Walmart is starting the new effort with a pilot problem in five locations. If the company finds any success, expect the trade-ins to spread like Icelandic volcano ash.

Walmart Confirms Entry into Used Games Market [Industry Gamers via Kotaku]

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