Victoria Wants Me To Reveal The Secret Of My SSN

As if it wasn’t compromising enough to give up her measurements, Lindsay says Victoria’s Secret also wanted her Social Security Number.

She writes:

I was happily paying for my new comfortable bra when the Victoria’s Secret employee (in [redacted], NYC) at the register asked me if I wanted to receive discount coupons. Sure, I said. She then asked me for my social security number.

Appalled, I said no way. Couldn’t I just give her an email address to send the online coupons? No. But I got a free enormous pink umbrella! Everyone received those.

I think it’s insane that Victoria’s Secret is asking people for their SSN. How knows who will have access your information? And for a pair of free panties? I don’t think so.

Who knows how the employee planned on using this information. Has Victoria’s Secret made this indecent proposal to you?

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