Delta Waives Fee For First Checked Bag If You Use Their AmEx Card

In a world where fees for checked baggage top the list of annoying things about air travel, it’s a small victory to learn that Delta has decided to offer an incentive to travelers with the airline’s co-branded American Express card — no fees for the first checked bag for you and up to eight other members of your party.

The deal, which will begin June 1, waives the $25 checked bag fee for travelers booking with Delta-branded business or consumer versions of American Express Gold, Platinum, and Reserve SkyMiles cards.

This means that a family of four would save $200 on a round-trip ticket. American Express is hoping that will entice more people to sign up for their cards and Delta is hoping it will entice card-holders to fly with them, especially in light of the recent merger announcement between Continental and United that will push Delta from the front of the pack to number two.

We’re just hoping that it leads other airlines to follow suit, offering travelers some way to avoid at least one of the many fees that get layered atop our airfare.

Delta waives 1st checked bag fee for airline’s AmEx cardholders and traveling companions [Chicago Tribune]

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