Death And Taxes 2011: Gobsmacking Visual Of Where All Your Tax Dollars Go

Death and Taxes 2011 is here! Jess Bachman is famed for his annual poster where he spends two months researching and creating a visual representation of where your taxes go. The result is a stunning six-foot poster that boggles the mind. Now in it’s 4th year, the poster has over 500 departments, agencies, programs, and whatever else the government can spend money on. “It is still the single most open and accessable record of government spending ever created,” says its creator. After the jump, here is this year’s version in full!

Jess writes, “I am trying to spread an ethos of DIY government oversight and general budget awareness. Consumerist readers are quite savvy in how their money is spent, but i bet most of them have no idea how the their largest single expenditure is used. Their taxes! The issue is so complicated and overwhelming, that people just think of it as a black hole, the money goes to the the ‘gov’ment’ and they do ‘whatever’ with it. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With a little knowledge we can be as savvy with your personal expenses as we are with our government expenses.

Death & Taxes is a great entry into how the trillions of our dollars are used. And its for 2011, so there is still plenty of time to get pissed off and do something about it”

So take a peek. What’s the craziest or most surprising expenditure you can find?

Death And Taxes 2011 [Official Site]

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