DOT Secretary: Spirit Airlines Doesn't Care About Their Customers

If you found yourself getting all riled up by Spirit Airlines’ announcement on Tuesday that they are now charging for carry-on bags, you were not alone. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has taken aim the move, calling it “outrageous” and “ridiculous.”

In an interview over on travel writer Christopher Elliot’s blog, LaHood makes his feelings clear on the matter. He also references Ryanair’s decision to use pay toilets.

Take it Ray:

I think it’s a bit outrageous that an airline is going to charge someone to carry on a bag and put it in the overhead. And I’ve told our people to try and figure out a way to mitigate that. I think it’s ridiculous… I don’t think they care about their customers. That’s what I think. And I think when you charge somebody to use the bathroom, you don’t care about your customers. I mean, it’s pretty clear.

Secretary LaHood also took issue with Spirit’s other announcement — that some flights will only cost a penny… Well, that is until you pay up to $45/bag for your carry-on. He says the DOT is “gonna hold the airline’s feet to the fire” on the matter of disclosing accurate airfare.

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