Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger Tops List Of 11 Scariest Fast Food Breakfasts

Activist site Care2 has come up with a list of what it calls “11 Scary Fast Food Breakfasts,” based largely on sodium and saturated fat content. Leading the list is the Carl’s Jr Breakfast Burger. “How do you turn a regular burger into a breakfast burger?” Asks Care2. “By adding not only an egg-but an egg, bacon, American cheese and hash brown nuggets too!” Yes, it’s a hamburger, with eggs, bacon and hash browns, all cohabiting happily on a bun.

Some of the other winners include Hardee’s Double Sausage Egg n’ Cheese Biscuit, which Care2 says: “Anytime you start saying “double sausage” when talking about a meal, you should just know to expect trouble…like 21-grams-of-saturated-fat kind of trouble.” Even so-called healthy alternatives aren’t immune from Care2’s eagle-eyed calorie, fat and sodium counters. The Chick-fil-A Chicken Egg and Cheese Bagel on a Sunflower Mutligrain Bagel may sound wholesome, but that’s just a ruse: “Well it’s nice that they opted for a multigrain bagel studded with sunflower seeds, but does that really hide the fact that there is a slab of fried chicken between the eggs and American cheese?”

11 Scary Fast Food Breakfasts [Care2]

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