Greenpeace Says Target Is Most Enviro-Friendly Seafood Seller

Greenpeace says Target is the best of all supermarket chains when it comes to selling sustainable seafood, meaning not depleting fish populations or damaging the environment when it comes to harvesting and selling our delectable seafaring friends.

Others are not so hot at the whole sustainability thing. Greenpeace is casting a stink eye toward you, Costco.

“A significant divide is developing among the major retailers,” said Greenpeace’s Senior Markets Campaigner, Casson Trenor. “It’s now clear that Wegmans, Target and Whole Foods are making substantive progress reflecting their commitment while others such as H.E.B. and Costco remain committed to selling endangered species and destroying marine ecosystems.”

Here is Greenpeace’s rankings of the top 20 in sustainability:

1. Target

2. Wegmans

3. Whole Foods

4. Safeway (Dominicks, Genuardi’s, Pavilions, Randall’s, Von’s)

5. Ahold USA (Stop & Shop, Giant)

6. Harris Teeter

7. A&P (Food Emporium, Pathmark, Super Fresh, Waldbaum’s)

8. Delhaize (Bloom, Food Lion, Hannaford Bros., Sweetbay)

9. Walmart

10. Trader Joe’s

11. Price Chopper

12. Aldi

13. Kroger (Baker’s, City Market, Dillon’s, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers,
Ralph’s, Smith’s, Quality Food Center – QFC)

14. Costco

15. Supervalu (Acme, Albertson’s, Bristol Farms, Jewel-Osco, Save-A-Lot, Shaw’s)

16. Giant Eagle

17. Publix

18. Winn Dixie

19. Meijer

20. H.E. Butt (H.E.B., Central Market)

What kind of factor does sustainability play when you go on a seafood hunt?

Carting Away the Oceans [Greenpeace]
(Thanks, Jane!)

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