TWC Has Left My Cable Dangling Because My Neighbor Isn't Cool

Joseph says Time Warner Cable can’t get his service working again because it’s too difficult to access his house. He needs cooperation from a neighbor but can’t get it.

He writes:

Long story short I’ve had numerous issues with my cable for the last 3 years, and it has just keeps getting worse. Repairmen are here constantly, we’re on our 4th cable box. Most recently my box just turns off and on in a continuous cycle, the repair men that came to fix this issue told me that they had what they called a “Access Issue” and they need to go into my neighbors back yard, another house 3 doors down from my own to fix the problems.

I’ve spoken with my neighbor and he won’t let them in apparently he’s had issues with them before, and is just flat out refusing to let them in end of story. Time Warner has said they can’t do anything until they get into the yard but since that isn’t going to happen what can I do?

It’s really bugging me and I hate to cancel the cable as I work in media and kind of need it.

What should Jeff do?

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