Personal Finance Roundup

How to Ask for a Raise [Free Money Finance] “Here are some steps to take when asking for a raise.”

How to appeal your tax assessment [MSN Money] “Now that home prices are sinking, your tax bill should be shrinking, too. If it hasn’t, take action.”

5 Cost-Saving Tips for Moving Time [Kiplinger] “Decamp mid month and other ways to save without schlepping it yourself.”

Penny-Pinching Is Fine, but It Won’t Save the Profligate [NY Times] “Perhaps, despite common wisdom, the small ways to save don’t really help us. They can even hurt us by fooling us into believing we are making genuine financial changes when we’re not.”

20 ways to save green by going green [Smart Spending] “Retailers offer discounts for eco-friendly practices, but savings can be slim.”


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