Starbucks Desperation: Brace Yourself For The "Wacky" Frappuccino

Facing stiff competition from Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s Starbucks is looking to their pricey icey coffee concoction, the Frappuccino. Starbucks is experiencing a sales decline in the drink and since it accounts for 20% of their sales, that’s not good.

The solution? Ice cream! And wacky flavors!

At up to $5 for a grande, Frappuccino has become the chain’s hot weather go-to drink. To boost sales in the crucial summer season — with McDonald’s soon to sell smoothies nationally — Starbucks plans to:

•Customize Frappuccinos.

•Sell Frappuccino ice cream.

•Offer more bottled versions.

•Test wacky ingredients.

•Devise more products for the brand.

Can we get a bacon Frappuccino, please?

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