Is It OK To Lower My Tip When Pizza Hut Hikes Delivery Fee?

We’ve established that pizza delivery fee hikes don’t necessarily go to the driver and thus should not be considered part of the tip.

What Mike wants to know is whether or not it’s poor form to deduct a buck from the tip to make up for a hike in delivery fee. He writes:

So, a while ago the Pizza Hut delivery charge went from $1 to $2… and so my typical tip went down by the same amount. I have had a change of heart and now I’m concerned that the man who spent all winter fighting blizzards and ice to bring me pizzas on days that I was out of groceries has been getting a raw deal. Is there any indication that Pizza Hut is giving the drivers the “delivery fee” or did my brain manufacture that entirely?

I’m not stiffing the delivery guy, I tip pretty well. He always got a good 25%, rounded up to the nearest dollar, more on inclement weather days. But when the fee went up, I moved my base tip to 25% – $1.

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