Verizon Rubs Comcast's Face In Worst Company Win

For anyone who thought that mammoth megacorporations behaved anything like adults, they should just check out the Twitter account for Verizon, who saw fit tonight to have a little fun at the expense of Worst Company In America winner Comcast.

Verizon, who managed to bow out of the tournament gracefully by losing to AT&T in the first round, took to its official Twitter page to write:

“One of the few times you’ll hear us congratulate Comcast. Consumerist readers have spoken…” followed by a link to the announcement of Comcast’s victory.

While we always appreciate a little good-natured ribbing, Verizon should consider themselves warned that, of all the companies in the country, they did make our bottom 32.

Continue to rub consumers the wrong way and it could be Comcast Frank who’s Tweeting about your inglorious victory next year.

Verizon Twitter account

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