Target Demands To Scan My ID When I Buy Booze

Scott says he can’t get to boozin’ unless he allows Target to scan his ID. Not just look at it, scan it. This is possibly linked to a one world government conspiracy. Either that or Target is just being weird, as usual.

He writes:

More bogus behavior from Target. Today at the [redacted] Washington Target the clerk and the manager insisted that I could not buy a $4.99 bottle of crappy red wine unless I allowed them to scan my ID. I’m a grey hair and 51 years old. I showed both employees valid ID for their inspection anyway. They agreed the driver’s license was valid and I was old enough to buy the wine, but no wine for me unless I allow them to scan this valid ID.

I refused to let them scan. They refused to sell the wine. A whole bunch of groceries went back on the shelf. And the employees really could not have cared less. After all, they were just following corporate orders according to the employees. And they claimed the system could not be overridden.

What the hell is going on with these big box stores that they think my private data belongs to them if I buy a cheap bottle of crappy wine?

Target alcohol purchasers, are you facing the same treatment?

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