Store Sells Food Old Enough To Drive, Still Not Breaking Any Laws

Sure, eating expired food isn’t going to kill you, but eating food that’s been on the shelves since the George H.W. Bush administration isn’t a delectable culinary experience either. A liquor store near Sacramento, Calif. was caught selling food that wasn’t, strictly speaking, expired, but wasn’t exactly fresh either.

The M & B Creekside Liquors store in a Citrus Heights strip mall had several obviously aged items for sale when CBS13 visited the store Wednesday. A package of wafers expired last year, and while a box of Cream of Wheat did not have an expiration date, it did list a promotional offer that expired in 1993.

“A couple of people I know have gotten sick,” said Chrysta Noyes. “I love to support mom and pop shops but not when all their food is expired.

The kicker: what the store wasn’t doing was not illegal. Just disgusting.

Store Caught Selling Decades-Old Food [CBS 13]

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