One Of The "Blippy Four" Speaks Out On Credit Card Leak

It’s been a bad day for, the site lots of people hadn’t heard of until it managed to leak the whole credit card numbers of four users to the entire internet. Now, one of the four people whose digits are in the public domain has come forward to talk.

The Blippy user, a 38-year old firefighter, found out that his credit card number was public knowledge when people started Tweeting him the bad news.

“Luckily, it was only four people affected, but that doesn’t make me feel any better,” he said. “Just to see my name pop up on all these Web sites and to see all these articles written about it, it’s just a little shocking… It’ll make me think twice before signing up for anything else.”

As for how he ended up on Blippy, where people share info about what they just bought with their friends and the world, he recalled. “It was just one of those things that you sign up for and forget about until something happens like today.”

So far he says he hasn’t seen any fraudulent purchases show up on his account and — at least for now — he has no immediate intention to take legal action against Blippy.

Blippy Overshares, Reveals Credit Card Info []

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