Why Won't Verizon Show Me My DSL Bill?

Consumerist reader David recently made the switch from Comcast internet to Verizon DSL because he figured if he was going to get slow web access, he might as well pay less for it. David also works for a company that will reimburse him for a portion of his internet cost, so long as he provides them with a copy of his bill. One catch — Verizon doesn’t seem to want to show him his bill.

Here’s David to explain his story:

Unfortunately, Verizon refuses to send me paper bills. I’ve been at this for about 3 months now. Apparently I can see my bill if I go online, but… what I end up seeing is the ‘bill’ for the placeholder phone number they give me to run my DSL (I don’t have a landline, just cellphone). That ‘placeholder’ phone number is not charged of course, so the bill is $0.00.

That is the only bill I can see online.

I’ve been on the phone with them for hours (just recently two phone calls of 49min and 13min). I keep getting bounced around from billing department to web support department back to billing department.

Each time the rep assures me they’ve placed a ticket in, and each time I have to go through all the same information.

David has had similar bad luck with the online chat support, which just keeps leading him through the same steps and then offering to open up a ticket.

Below are copies of the useless “bill” for $0.00 he keeps being directed to, along with a copy of bank documentation that Verizon has been deducting money from his account for service.

In terms of getting reimbursed by his company, we suggest showing them the same copy of the bank statement and explaining the situation.


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