Prom Night Spoiled When Limo Is Repossessed In Front Of Teens

So many things can go wrong on prom night — ill-fitting tuxes, zits, wilted flowers, your date running off with someone else — but a group of high school students in Oklahoma had their evening spoiled in a way that is all too indicative of the times we live in: They watched as the limo they’d rented was repossessed.

The teens and the limo’s driver had just stepped out of the vehicle when someone else suddenly hopped in and drove off. “Our limo is getting carjacked,” one of the prom-goers said as he watched the stretch speed away.

According to the owner of the limo, the car should not have been repossessed at all. He claims to have sorted out his issues with the bank, but he says the bank didn’t pass that info on to the repo men.

The owner says he intends to make up for the incident with a partial refund or a free future rental.

Maybe for their 5 year reunion?

Prom-Goers Watch Repo Man Drive Away In Their Limo [CBS4 Denver]
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