Best Buy Charging For PC Checkups They Already Give For Free

Anon says Best Buy’s $40 a year program going called Ask An Agent is a raw deal. The program lets customers bring in PCs for an annual checkup, and also gives takers 10 percent off of Geek Squad services. Anon says Best Buy checks out all computers for free, no doubt to offer them some spectacular optimization services.

He writes:

Best Buy is offering a new program called ask an agent. They offer as part of it a 1 time per year PC check up for free. What they don’t tell you is all you get is a check in assessment like the ones they do for free in store. Basically they are selling what you are already getting for free, and yes they still do them free for any walk up customer.

Watch how this pans out, because the feature list is:

Answer basic use questions
offer 10% discount on services
free yearly checkup

The questions are limited to basic *how do I print to my already installed printer* kind – where no real help other then pointing out buttons and such the 10% discount only works if you have the card on you, and it can be scanned. Period.

The yearly checkup is an already free service.

They charge 20 bucks per 6 months for this.

If you’ve taken Best Buy up on their free checkups, let us know if they tried to upsell you.

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