Announcing The Worst Company In America 2010 "Elite 8"!

Time to update your brackets, folks. The second round is over and the winners have moved on to the next level of competition. Congratulations to Bank of America, Time Warner Cable, Ticketmaster, Anthem BCBS, Cash4Gold, PayPal, Comcast and Apple!

In our most popular match-up, Apple stunned their iPhone partner AT&T with 68% of the vote. Comcast blew United Airlines out of the friendly skies with 73% of the vote, but it was Ticketmaster that scored the biggest blow out of all, destroying Capital One with 80% of the vote.

Our closest match-up was U.S Airways VS Paypal, but the last airline standing was eventually taken down by the much-hated payment processor. Congrats to U.S. Airways and United for hanging in there and representing the worst their industry has to offer.

Stay tuned, there are more battles to be fought, more questions to be answered.

Will this finally be the year for Comcast? Since when does everyone hate Apple this much? Was it the whole Adobe thing? Or the app store? Is the iPad really that stupid?

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t hate Ticketmaster?

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