UPS Sent My Package Back To Sender Without Telling Me

Samuel says UPS gave him no notice before returning a package meant for him back to the sender. Through the tracking number he discovered he missed the requisite three failed attempts at delivery, but says he was never notified.

He writes:

I would like offer my complaint with UPS. I placed an order online from an electronics supply store online on 4/4/10 and was waiting for my package to be delivered this week. Since it’s shipping from CA to NY, I assumed that I’ll receive in about a week. After checking the tracking info, I saw that I missed the 1st and 2nd delivery, obviously, since I’m always at work when they deliver. My drivers never leave notices, but Fedex or UPS, so I always check the tracking. I received a final attempt notice on 4/13/10. This was the first notice first and only notice they’ve left.

After checking the tracking once more today, I saw the status showed that the package was return to shipper. Thinking to myself WTF, I called and was told that since I didn’t call to arrange pick up by 7pm the day they left the notice, it would be returned to shipper. I didn’t even get home from work until 7:30 that day. I receive plenty of packages and all of them keep the package at the warehouse 3-5 days so you can pick up. This was the first time I’ve ever heard of a practice to send a package back the same day if the customer didn’t call to tell them that they’re coming to pick up. Not only that, but based on the tracking info, the driver was there at 5:40pm, I would have had to call them within a little more an hour’s time, by 7pm, before they shipped it back to sender. That’s insane! Also, the driver stuck the notice all the way on top of the door, not eye level. So I could have not seen the notice at all or it could have fell off, that’s happened before too.

Their only response was to call the shipper and have them ship again, which means by the 2nd time around, this whole fiasco would have taken 3-4 weeks and possibly extra shipping charges, I haven’t called to confirm yet because I’m still steamed.

I hope you can publicize this for your readers, since this could have saved me time and money if I knew earlier. This new practice is ludicrous. Their profits are up and this is how they treat their customers? Now thinking about it, this might have been how they increased profits, by sending packages back immediately if not delivered and charging companies and customers twice to send/receive their packages. I definitely will not ship with UPS again, this will only cost me more money and more headache for both me and my customers. I will also have to shop at alternative online stores if their only delivery service is UPS.

Has this ever happened to you?

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