North Face Reaches Settlement With South Butt

Clothier North Face has reached an out-of-court settlement with parody vestment maker “South Butt.” Once again, comedy wins!

The second company sells a variety of tshirts and hoodies and so forth that say “South Butt” in a font similar to North Face’s, and sports an upside-down North Face logo. The trademark infrigement suit contended that consumers might confuse butts with faces and not know who was selling what. Terms were not disclosed but South Butt is still selling their schwag, so I’m guessing North Face just agreed to turn the other cheek. They did manage to secure at least one concession; posts on the South Butt site about the lawsuit have been removed.

North Face, South Butt Agree to Turn Other Cheek [] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)
South Butt Rebuts North Face
The North Face Thinks You Might Confuse Them With “The South Butt”

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