My UHaul Gas Gauge Lied And Cost Me Money

Terry says his UHaul rental wouldn’t register the amount of gas he pumped into it, forcing him to either fill the tank with more gas than he used or pay a $30 fee.

He writes:

Yesterday I rented a UHaul truck for an 80-mile round trip. When I rented the truck, the agent told me there was a half tank of gasoline and that I’d need to bring it back filled to a half tank; if it were below that, UHaul would charge me $30.00 plus $3.00/gallon to fill it to the halfway mark. The trip took less than a quarter tank of gas. When I tried to replace what I’d used, the tank wouldn’t read any more than slightly below a half tank. I drove the truck around a bit to make sure the gauge wasn’t just like my son’s car, which doesn’t indicate the true amount of gas in the car unless you drive a few feet after you put the gas in.

The gauge didn’t budge, so I put more gas into the truck. Still, no movement of the gauge. I added gas until the gauge read that the truck was half full. As soon as I drove off, the gauge rose to almost a full tank! I was pissed, to say the least. I mentioned it to the agent when I returned the truck, and he didn’t have anything to say about it. I’ve never rented a moving van that wasn’t full when I got it, and I’m wondering if this is just some kind of scam or if I just ‘lucked’ into this?

Have you found a similar snafu on a vehicle rental?

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