Here's The List Of 'Countries' Verizon Covers

Verizon may be exaggerating when it says it offers coverage in more than 220 countries, but at least it isn’t just making the number up.

The company posts a list of the countries it covers — by my count that’s 233 “countries.” The problem is, not all the municipalities Verizon counts are their own countries, unless you’re one of those people who refuses to believe Puerto Rico belongs to the United States.

Thomas writes:

Verizon recognizes places such as Antarctica, a sovereign piece of land as a country.

They also see US Virgin Islands and UK Virgin Islands as countries though they have no representation in the UN and are controlled by the US and UK respectability

They break down China (PRC) into Hong Kong, Macau, Tawain and Mainland into four while that is recognized as one country by the UN and US.

Guam, Somila Islands, Puerto Rico are recognized as 3 countries by there all under control of the US.

Fiji & French Polynesian Islands are all under control of France but are recognized as countries by Verizon.

Verizon could correct its misleading advertising by lowering the number or saying it covers more than 220 countries and territories. If the company changes its ways it will have to admit it hears us now.

(Thanks, Thomas and GitEmSteveDave!)

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