It's Almost Worth Having Your iPhone Stolen Just So MobileMe Can Track It Down

People can steal your iPhone, but if you’ve got the Mobile Me app, you’ll be able to track it down. Florida police used the feature to track down a swiped iPhone and other stoolen goods, First Coast News reports.

This kind of thing isn’t so rare, but is funny every time.

From the First Coast News:

A signal from a stolen iPhone led detectives right to a man suspected in two Alva car burglaries Wednesday.

Deputies were called to 2200 Troyers Lane early Wednesday by Adam, who said two cell phones and two chargers were missing from his truck.

(Adam) said he’d parked his truck around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday and forgot to lock it.

Now, if only they’d make Mobile Me for car keys and remote controls.

Florida Police Use iPhone App to Track Crook, Stolen Items [First Coast News]
(Thanks, Justin!)