Man Uses New Tracking Feature To Hunt For Stolen iPhone

On Saturday, Kevin lost his iPhone in a bar in Chicago, and by lost we mean someone grabbed it within seconds of him leaving the bar, but no one had seen a thing when he ran back in to ask about it. Since he had the Find My iPhone service activated on it, and his friend had a Sprint 3G dongle on his laptop, they decided to see whether they could track it down. AT&T and Sprint: working together to fight crime!

We don’t want to ruin the suspense by giving away how things unfolded, so read his story for yourself on his livejournal page. We can say, however, that the phone tracking service seems to work pretty well—especially if you can manage to have live access to the web and Google Maps while you’re trying to track it down in a strange city.

“Find My iPhone works, and it is awesome.” []

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