Slap-Happy Pappy Pleads Guilty To Punching Kids At Walmart

It seems like, oh about three weeks ago that we wrote about the grandfather who was arrested for punching kids in the head while their parents weren’t looking at an Ohio Walmart. In an update to that story, the slap-happy grandpappy has decided that, because it’s not a little kid, he won’t fight the legal system and has pleaded guilty.

According to the plea agreement on the three counts of assault, the 68-year-old kid-puncher was sentenced to five years’ probabtion and fined $150.

For those coming to this story late, the assailant would roam the brightly lit aisles of his local Walmart and — with a key sticking out from his fist — punch children in the back of the head all for the “thrill” of getting away with it.

Ohioan sentenced for striking kids in Walmart [AP]

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