Do Not Throw Coffee And Food At McDonald's Workers If You Think They Shortchanged You

Just a little friendly advice, if you’re shortchanged at the register — don’t flip out and throw coffee and food at the McDonald’s workers.

Police in Des Plaines, IL say that a man is accused of kicking a register (good flexibility, we guess) and card swiping machine, then throwing coffee and food that struck employees.
From the Sun-Times:

The man became enraged after accusing an employee of shortchanging him $10, said Cmdr. Nick Treantafeles, of the Des Plaines Police Department.

“That’s what set this guy off,” he said.

The man was identified by his license plate, but is refusing to turn himself in, according to police.

There’s now a warrant for his arrest on battery and criminal damage to property charges. Perhaps next time try a strongly-worded letter to corporate?

Man threw food, coffee at McDonald’s employees: cops [Sun-Times]

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