Rub-A-Dub-Dub, The Tummy Tub Is A $95 Piece Of Junk

Our more scholarly sister Consumer Reports recently took a look at the Tummy Tub, which “looks like something out of a chemical-mixing laboratory,” but is supposed to recreate a feeling of being in the womb for your baby while you give it a bath. Because there’s nothing more womb-like than being scrubbed with soap and water in a loud, brightly lit bathroom.

The plastic bucket from Europe, which retails for $50 (and another $45 if you throw in the optional stool as seen in the photo!) isn’t exactly earn high regard from the CR Baby Blog:

Aside from making it difficult to wash the business end of a baby, it looks to us like an accident waiting to happen. We haven’t tested the tub or similar products, but have concerns that it could tip over much too easily, especially when placed on the pedestal. More concerning, it’s not covered by U.S. safety standards that apply to baby bath seats and tubs.

Here’s an idea… For about $50, you could pick up a four pack of sturdy buckets over at Home Depot, and those have wheels, so it’s more fun for everyone!

CR sums it up best: “In our view, this is one idea for baby that should have been thrown out with the bath water.”

Rub-a-dub-dub, this tub is a dud [Consumer Reports Safety Blog]

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