Getting An iPad This Weekend? Tell Us About It

We didn’t pre-order an iPad and we probably won’t be hitting up the Apple store or Best Buy to get one this weekend. But we know at least a few of you will have your hands on an iPad and we want to hear your first impressions.

Here are some things we want to know about:

1. How was it setting up your iPad?
2. Did you have any issues connecting to your WiFi network?
3. How does the interface compare to an iPhone?
4. Do you see yourself using this as an e-reader?
5. Is the iPad’s construction suitably durable?
6. How does it handle a 6-foot drop onto a hard surface (PLEASE DON’T TRY DROPPING IT, but if it does happen to occur by accident, please let us know the results)
7. How do you prefer to hold it when using?
8. Is it absorbent yet discreet? (again, we don’t want to you spill anything on your iPad!)
9. How was the quality of streaming video?
10. Now that you’ve got your hands on it, what do you see as its main use going forward?

Feel free to answer these questions in the comments.
If you’ve done a video review, feel free to send us the link for consideration at
And please upload any photos to the Consumerist Flickr pool!

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