Watch Out For Phone Companies Cramming Charges Onto Your Bill

Some phone companies will take every opportunity to sneak ludicrous, unjustified charges onto your bill. The Boston Globe highlights the “cramming” practice in this story:

Mike Cunningham’s monthly phone bill is a crazy-quilt of fees, surcharges, and taxes, so it took nearly two years for him to notice “enhanced voice mail’’ charges of $14.95 and $13.22 tucked into pages five and six.

After reviewing statements back to December 2008, Cunningham found he had paid $567 to two companies whose names he didn’t recognize. Even worse, he had no idea what he’d bought.

“I said, ‘Holy mackerel,’ ’’ Cunningham said. “I called [the companies] and said, ‘What service are you providing and why are you billing me?’ ’

If you’ve caught your phone service provider cram-handed, let us know how you went about calling them out and getting the charges taken off.

Unwanted phone charges raising consumer ire [Boston Globe]
(Thanks, Michael!)

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