Will This Food Kill Me? Ask The Internet

Last month, we posted about a Slate article encouraging people to depend on their senses and instincts when deciding whether food is safe to eat, rather than going solely by printed expiration or “sell by” dates. “Is the food slimy and smelly?” that post proclaimed. “Don’t eat it.” But if you doubt your own judgment and are unsure of the exact level of smelliness and sliminess that is acceptable for you and your family, the Livejournal community Can I Eat This? is here to help you navigate the scary world of your own refrigerator.

Here are some sample recent posts:

March 12: I have chicken that expires tomorrow–I opened it Wednesday and the put foil back over the container and put it back in the fridge. When I went to put it in the pan tonight, I noticed a slight smell. Only on some of the pieces and they have to be pretty close to my nose.

Can I eat it?

Verdict: No.

March 10: So I have some expired turkey burger that apparently “expired” on Feb 28th. It’s been in the freezer since then. I’m not much of a cook and i’m fairly inexperienced, would this be safe to eat? I’m probably going to go with yes, but you never know.

Verdict: Frozen before the expiration date. It’s fine.

February 27: A friend of mine was eating a QuikTrip sandwich just now, and a quarter of the way through, she noticed the meat was orange, yellow, green, and shimmering. What might happen now?

Verdict: Birefringence. Perfectly safe.

Consumerist’s verdict: follow your own instincts and government guidelines, instead of seeing text-based guidance on the Internet.

Can I Eat This? [Livejournal]

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