Store Considering Name Change For "Fat Balls"

For years, avian enthusiasts in the UK have been able to get their hands on “fat balls,” bird feed in the form of spherical mixtures of suet and seeds intended for winter use. But now, thanks to a few snickering kids, that could all change.

Asda, one of the largest retail chains in the UK (and a subsidiary of Walmart), says it is about to take action with regard to fat balls because some customers find that name either too naughty or too hilarious.

“Colleagues have seen many shoppers emerging from the pet aisle with a smile on their face,” said a rep for Asda. “Adults as well as kids have been caught sharing a giggle as well so we are considering covering the packaging on shelf or even giving the product a new name.”

And heaven forbid anyone have anything to laugh about these days.

Asda to change name of ‘fat balls’ to avoid customer laughs [Telegraph]

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