Runaway Prius Was On Its Way To Dealership Before Crash

Remember the story the other day about the woman in New York who slammed her runaway Prius into a stone wall? In an interesting little twist, the police say she was actually on her way to the Toyota dealership to have her car serviced when the incident occurred.

According to Harrison, NY, acting police Chief Anthony Marraccini, the driver hadn’t experienced any trouble with her Prius, but wanted to have it looked at because of all the reports of the massive Toyota recall.

Marraccini also reiterated his department’s original findings that the crash was not caused by the accelerator getting stuck on the floor mat, as it was already connected to the seat base with plastic ties.

The Harrison police had requested assistance from Toyota in accessing the data kept on the Prius’ black box, but was denied. Marraccini says he would try to get a federal subpoena if needed.

He also said his department is “not prepared to release the car” to Toyota, who want to have their engineers inspect it.

“I find it a little concerning that something like this would take place and put people at risk,” he said. “That’s why I think it’s important that Harrison police define its role in this investigation, because if we have an opportunity to see a solution one way or another to this situation we will do whatever we can to provide that.”

Cops: Crashed Prius was going for checkup []

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