Yet Another Toyota Prius Goes Rogue, Smashes Into Wall

Things went from bad to worse to downright awful for Toyota on Tuesday as yet another of their Prius hybrid vehicles was involved in an accident involving a stuck accelerator pedal.

According to police in Harrison, NY, the 56-year-old driver was pulling out of her driveway in her 2005 Prius when the car “shot” across the road and into a stone wall. The driver suffered some minor injuries in the accident.

Just like the car involved in Monday’s runaway Prius incident in California, the NY vehicle is among the cars included in Toyota’s massive recall for floor mats that may be causing the accelerator to stick.

However, since Toyota has yet to come up with a remedy for the specific problem with the Prius floormats, the car maker has only been telling drivers to remove the mats.

But both the driver in Monday’s incident and a police officer investigating yesterday’s accident believe that the floormats had nothing to do with the stuck pedals.

“I was reaching down, trying to pull on the gas pedal,” the California driver told reporters. “It didn’t move at all. It was stationary.”

And the police chief in Harrison told the press that the floormat in that incident was secured with plastic ties.

This only adds fuel to the fire for those who believe that there is a much larger problem at play with the electrical systems in the faulty vehicles.

As has been their stance since these reports began, Toyota continues to shrug off implications of electrical problems.

“We have yet to find any evidence of an electronic glitch. If we could find something wrong, we would fix it and be done with it,” a rep for the company said on Tuesday.

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