5-Year-Old Speaker Dies, Logitech Replaces Entire System For Free

Sifting through readers’ customer service stories, it seems that Logitech has really great customer service, and the company stands by its products: once you’re actually able to get hold of them. Reader Matt writes that when he called in looking for a replacement for a dead speaker, expecting to pay for it, Logitech simply shipped him an entire new system instead. For free.

I have an old set of Logitech X-530 speakers. Recently, they rear left speaker decided to quit. I had bought these back in 2005, and they came in a white box. I called logitech trying to find out how much a single replacement rear left speaker would cost. The rep took me through some troubleshooting things, like plugging it into a different port, different source, power cycle, the like. Finally, after they determined it was the speaker, they asked for my address. I gave them it, figuring they wanted to charge me.

I asked how much it would be, since they were getting my information. He said it wouldn’t cost anything since a speaker had just faulted.

Two weeks later, a large box showed up at my house. Logitech didn’t send me a new speaker. They sent me a new 5.1 system, retail box and all. No charge.

Sympathetic customer service rep or systemic awesomeness? Either way, Matt is happy.

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