Don't Believe The Phone Call That Says Your Card Has Been Deactivated

Nick received an automated call from some scammy outfit this morning that told him his debit card had been deactivated. The scam looks simple enough, but it’s probably worth looking at as a reminder to others.

At around 9 am eastern I received a phone call from 6153786237 out of Lebanon, TN. It was an automated service telling me that my debit card had become deactivated and I needed to enter my card number to reactivate it.

I have been reading Consumerist for over a year now and know better than to just give my debit card info to anyone. I called my bank and they said that indeed my card WAS active and it was an attempt at fraud. Just thought I would share the experience and phone number with you and the other readers.

A quick search on shows that this number has been identified by others for the same sort of scam. One person at describes a “robocall about freezing of my MBTA Credit Union debit card. I don’t have any connection to the institution.”

If you ever get a suspicious phone call about your personal accounts, do what Nick did and contact the bank directly before taking any action. You don’t have to remember the website, either–just enter the phone number in a Google search and see what comes up.

You should also report to the FTC any fraudulent calls.

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